Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Taters gonna Tate

It's a bit late, but a huge congrats goes out to the University of Michigan. My university was finally able to snap its losing streak to the Suckeyes; Hoke was able to do something that Rich Rod wasn't and I couldn't be prouder. Unfortunately, going to school so close to the Ohio border results in a lot of friends being OSU fans. I'd like to respond to all of their bitching and moaning with this....
This isn't what the post is about though, oh no. I realize that I haven't posted in ages and the stacks of cards that need to be scanned have been piling up to the point of no return. I placed a recent order with COMC and although I was shopping for friends I did manage to pick up something for myself.

BOOM! One of my major collecting goals is complete. I got a pretty sweet deal on the card after bartering with the seller. King Felix is one of my favorite players behind Johnny Damon. I was lucky enough to see him pitch a few years back, in Safeco no less. I can't wait to add another auto to go along with this one....too bad it's extremely hard to find dealers out here that collect west coast teams.

Fair warning, I'll be deviating from my Tigers related posts for some time. I've got a ton of Mariners to highlight so keep checking back soon.