Monday, April 16, 2012

Recent pick up

It's weird getting back into writing for fun, and on a topic not related to democratizing countries. As you know Valentine's day was only about 2 months ago, but I received an awesome gift, from my awesome girlfriend. A sports memorabilia shop finally opened up in downtown  Ann Arbor. For the most part the merchandise was Michigan Wolverine related. I mean the owner had football programs dating back to the 20s. Unfortunately I'm not much of a football collector. There were baseball goodies there too, much to my surprise. Digging through antique gloves and signed pictures of Denny McClain I found this gem:
(Don't mind my hipster end table or my Tin-Tin comic book.)
Seriously though how awesome is this?! I would have never have thought I'd find an Ichiro bobble head all the way out here in Michigan. He makes a nice addition with Judas(A-Rod) next to him. I really need to start buying some shelves for my expanding collection.
Losing Griffey was tough. I grew up watching him, Edgar, and Buhner putting Seattle on baseball's radar. As a consolation prize Seattle signed some Japanese superstar. We somehow managed to replace the man with the best swing in baseball for one of the best hitters since Pete Rose. It definitely lessened the blow.
I was grateful when my girlfriend picked this up for me when  had my back turned, and made Valentine's day that much better.

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