Friday, July 15, 2011

Need some help with the Twins....

Hey get your head out of the gutter......jeez.
Seriously though I need some help getting some Twins cards together for a future trade. My collections is lacking some Twins aside from base set cards. If any of you out there have inserts or relics/autos to trade let me know so we can work something out.
Come on help a blogger out.


  1. Any particular sets you're lacking base cards from?

  2. So am I to understand there are no actual twins here?
    Or Coors Light?
    But namely the Coors Light twins in particular?

  3. I've got a morneau insert and probably some base, send me an email.

  4. I have BOXES of Twins dupes here, and many inserts/relics...problem is, you'd have to trade Twins for them. Oh wait -- got any Astros autos/relics? I owe Dimwit...