Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Back

First things first, Weaver you are a punk ass bitch and I hope you lose the Cy Young race. I apologize about that but in case you guys haven't heard Weaver got ejected yesterday after throwing a pitch at Avila's head.

My girlfriend and I have had family visiting through out the month of July so my posting dropped off. Never fear I acquired some awesome cards during that time that I'll slowly be writing about

A few weeks ago I received a belated birthday present from Joe over at thesandlotcards. He contacted me asking for my address and said he had something to send. It was a very cryptic email. Joe certainly surprised me! Packed up in the bubble mailer was a card I really wanted from when I first joined the blogger community. Unfortunately I didn't have any Mets to trade him for the card so the trade fell through.

A Justin Verlander autoed rookie card, holy shit! I'm sure you all have seen how dominant he's been this year and will hopefully win 20+ games and the Cy Young. That would make the season better as I'm sure the Tigers will probably drop out of the race since that's what we always do.
I wanted to again say thanks to Joe, and I will be returning the favor to you when I order some new cards.


  1. Yeah, that's not cool what Weaver did. I have no problem throwing at a guy, but you don't throw at their head. Not a fan of that move.

    Your welcome dude. Happy Birthday!

  2. Very nice gesture.

    And yes, Weaver is a punk. Jawing all game long.

    Also, my word verification is "pubescome". No joke.

  3. (wipes drool from chin...)
    SWEET! J.V.!