Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Roger Maris collecting goal

I've decided that I'm gonna add Roger Maris as one of my collecting goals. He's a bit cheaper than the Mick and in my eyes he should still hold the record for the HRs in a single season. Look at the list, all of the players ranked ahead of him were juiced. You might be thinking I'm crazy especially after seeing the price for the '58 or '62 topps, but once you see what I snagged at the card show you opinion might change. As of right now these cards are what I'm saving up for unless someone out there has them and are willing to trade......long shot I know.

Seriously, I'll trade anything in my collection for the '60 All Star....I found it at the card show for a reasonable price, but I couldn't part with all of my money on one card. Hopefully the seller will be back next month.
I'll have a post put up soon on what I got at the card show.

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  1. Very cool! Good luck! Are you just going to go after vintage Topps cards? Or do you plan on grabbing recent Maris cards too?