Monday, May 9, 2011

Diamond Giveway score pt. 1

Jesus it's been awhile. Luckily I'm done with school until September so that leaves me with months of free time. There's no longer any excuse for me to neglect my blog. Anyway onto my post.

One of my short term collecting goals was to get an original Norm Cash card. I went to a card show and found plenty of them, but being so close to Detroit the home town favorites are generally marked up in price so I refrained from purchasing it. It also didn't help that I blew all of my money on a couple vintage Maris's. Good ol' Stormin' Norman was, in my opinion, one of Detroit's best hitters. Back in '61 while Maris and Mantle were clobbering home runs, Cash led the league in hits and had his best season out of his 17 year career. He also had 22 doubles, 8 triples, and 41 home runs. He finished the season with a .361 batting average. By the time he retired in 1974 he amassed 1820 hits, 241 doubles, 41 triples, and 377 home runs. That's a pretty impressive career if I do say so myself.

While at work this past Friday, which was dead due to the law students graduating, I got to looking on the Topps Diamond Giveaway. I've redeemed 14 codes so far and the oldest card I've gotten was this.
 Hey cool a '58. Too bad I've never heard of the guy. So just for the hell of it I offered it up for a couple of potential trades. I'm sitting at my desk and I get a call about a problem with the printing network, so I'm away from my desk for 15 minutes. Imagine my surprise when I come back and find this in my collection.
A '61 Norm Cash! I honestly didn't think Anyone would take the '58. The only thing that sucks is sorting through the 20+ offers for it daily. My favorite so far has been three Oakland A's from the 90's......yeah reject trade offer.

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