Sunday, May 29, 2011

New acquisitions from COMC

I placed a COMC order a few months ago but had $3.60 left over. I had over estimated shipping costs since I heard they were pricey. That $3.60 looked awfully lonely on my dashboard so why not try and snag some cards.

I've decided not to go after the entire Gypsy Queen set and instead aim for the players I collect. Here's what I got for $3.00.

Yay! I knocked out 2 bronze bordered cards from my want list.

 You might be thinking hmm what is he going to use the last $.60 on? Well, I'll tell was on some sweet vintage.
A little beat up yes, but what do you expect for $.60? This guy was almost traded for Roger Maris shortly before the '60 season. It would have been interesting to see how everything would have panned out had the trade gone through.

I now have to wait on these cards until I add more money to my account. Until then they'll take up space in my shipping cart.

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