Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Card Show pick ups

This post is only a month late but I went to the local card show back in April. I was lucky enough that Dennis aka caljr3000 let me take along with him. It was pretty cool needless to say. Dennis had a few Damons and an A&G relic of Felix Hernandez for me.

I set a 35 dollar cash limit for myself otherwise that '55 Mantle would have seemed like a great idea. Now I had a few cards in mind for what I was looking for including a Prado for a fellow blogger(which needless to say none of the vendors had any Braves).  I was also after an Ellsbury rc and maybe a McCutchen auto. Some of the prices for those cards were absolutely ridiculous. One vendor was asking $220 for an Ellsbury auto....the kids good, but not $220 good sorry pal. Disheartened I wandered around with Dennis looking through some boxes of cards. 
I found this beauty:

Edwin Jackson! I liked Jackson when he was on the Tigers. I still don't get why they let him go but all is well that ends well. Now we have Scherzer. I can't remember how much I spent on this card, maybe $3.00. After having it in my possesion for a few weeks it's now going to a good home (hopefully you'll like it, Spiegel).

I picked up a football card which was an auto for Dennis since he snagged me that Hernandez earlier. He was also nice enough and got me this as well:

Sweet, another Hernandez relic! I don't know how I overlooked this card.

and now onto the hits...well not really, but they are some bad ass vintage cards.

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