Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trades with Tomahawk Chopping and the Daily Dimwit

A few weeks ago Derek over at posted some Gypsy Queen doubles he had up for trade. I want to complete the base set, but money has been tight as work has cut down on my hours. Why not trade some cards on hand for some Gypsy Queen? I gathered up some Braves to send his way and this is what I got in return.
(Don't mind my hand)
I got five cards I wanted for my personal collections/ team collections. The Scherzer or Maris is probably my favorite out of the bunch. Thanks again Derek!

Last week the Daily Dimwit pulled an Al Kaline sepia mini. I jumped on it before any other Tigers collectors could lay claim. I sent him a few cards off my trade bait. We put together quite a few cards, and let me tell you I wasn't disappointed.

#'d 95/99
It's a great looking card in person.
More Damons for my pc I need a few more cards to complete the Gypsy Queen. I wish he was still a Tiger especially with his batting line so far in the season.

He was also nice enough to send me the base cards of Kaline and Ellsbury which are also going in my pc stack.

Finally, we come to the main card of the trade.
This card is a beauty, but unfortunately I need to use it in another trade. I'm not too upset though I've got a awesome card coming my way.
So with these two trades I've knocked out quite a bit of the Gypsy Queen set. There are some more cards I want though. I've decided I'm going to chase after the minis and what not for the players I collect. Check out my want list, and see if you can help me out.

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  1. "I jumped on it before any other Tigers collectors could lay claim" ~ dang you!