Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Tale of two Perrys and a King

About a week ago Larry the sewingmachineguy was interested in the Brennan Boesch I posted on my trade bait page. We worked out a semi-blind trade which I was a little nervous on since I didn't want him to feel like he got the shit end of a trade. Apprehensions aside I think I got some cool cards set aside to send out his way. Hopefully he'll like them. Anyways he sent me some awesome cards. It was a nice surprise finding a bubble package in my mail box after coming home from a long night at work.
I eagerly opened the package and this was the first card I saw:
 Gaylord Perry in a Mariners jersey, awesome! I was glad to get this card especially since I traded my Gaylord Perry auto away a few weeks ago. It's an amazing lookin' card and very low #ed 05/30. This was only the first Perry in the package. Here's the other one:
Ryan Perry, the Tigers relief pitcher with a terrible era. I'm hoping that he'll get his form back with the Mudhens. The on card auto looks awesome, especially on the 206 set. Did I mention there was a king in the package?

King Felix from the Heritage set. Another #ed card 1945/1960. Another great card, and thanks to all you bloggers my Hernandez collection continues to grow.
Larry, thanks for the great trade! I'll have you cards out in the mail on Thursday.

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