Monday, May 30, 2011

*61 and the inadvertant history makers

I've been reading the Roger Maris biography that came out last year since school got out and I'm no longer forced to read books on the government of Japan or China. So far it's a pretty good read, but I had an idea that hit me almost like and epiphany.

I should collect the '61 Topps base cards of every pitcher that gave up a home run in Maris's run at breaking the Babe's record. I haven't seen anyone in blog'o'land that's done it yet. So starting today I will be after the pitchers whom inadvertently became part of history. Not only will this add to my Maris pc, but it'll also give me things to write about. So, keep checking back while I attempt this feat. Also if any of you fine bloggers out there can help me out by trading or what not let me know.