Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trade with Nomo's Sushi Platter

A few weeks back Spiegel over at nomossushiplatter made a post about a number of Upper Deck Goudeys he opened and was willing to trade. There were a few that caught my eye so I reached at to him about a possible trade. Honestly, I forgot we had set something up since I was overwhelmed with studying for finals at the time. Well yesterday I went to check my mail and found a package from Cali. Here are the goodies I found inside (these are some of my favorites).
The Felix is numbered which is hard to tell in the picture. Since it's a black back it's out of 34, my card is number 11! This is my lowest numbered card in my collection. With all of you great bloggers out there my Felix collection has grown considerably.

He also sent over a few players for my PCs. Including 2 Damon's I didn't have yet and an Ellsbury.
I've gotta as much as I loved that Felix this was my favorite in the package he sent.....
A chrome McCutchen with a rookie all-star trophy.McCutchen has turned into one of my favorite players to watch. I hope he'll eventually leave the Pirates since they're god awful. There were a ton of Tiger's included in the package as well that I didn't have so that was a nice treat as well. 

All in all this was a great trade! I feel bad though since I've still gotta get his package in the mail. Spiegel thanks for the awesome trade. I'll get your stuff out this week and will be looking for some Dodger's to send your way next time the card show comes through.

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  1. No rush,dude. Hit me back whenever you get a chance. Thanks for the trade.