Friday, May 13, 2011

Diamond Giveaway score pt.2

After I snagged the '61 Cash I got a little more confident with my trades. I was beginning to think everyone was hoarding their cards are something. (Side note it would be interesting to see someone on Hoarders that hoarded cards instead of spoiled food and dead cats)....Back to the topic at hand. Gates Brown is one cool mo'fo'. I went to a Tigers game last summer when they played the Twins. I was already excited to see Damon, a childhood hero of mine, and Joe Mauer. However after wandering around Comerica I ran into Gates Brown doing a low key autograph session. My girlfriend and I approached him not only did he sign my Michigan hat and several other pieces of Tigers memorabilia, but he also let me put on his World Series ring! Damn are those things big and heavy. After shooting the shit with him for a couple minutes we returned to our seats.
I have very few vintage cards, but I wanted to add a Gates Brown to my collection after meeting him that day. I found out quite a bit of info on the guy after looking him up online. Apparently, in one game he got called on to pinch hit right after he got a couple of hotdogs. He couldn't let the coach see his hotdogs so he stuffed them in his pants and went up to bat. I believe he hit a single but had to slide into first, hotdogs in pocket mind you, and ended up with mustard all down his uniform. What players can get away with that these days? Now it's about hiding  performance enhancing drugs, not ball park snacks.
Anyway I offered up this card:

and in return I got this:

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