Friday, July 15, 2011

Need some help with the Twins....

Hey get your head out of the gutter......jeez.
Seriously though I need some help getting some Twins cards together for a future trade. My collections is lacking some Twins aside from base set cards. If any of you out there have inserts or relics/autos to trade let me know so we can work something out.
Come on help a blogger out.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birthday swag and a hit

A few days ago, July 5th to be exact, I celebrated my 22nd birthday on a Delta flight back to Detroit. My girlfriend had no idea what to get me. There were a few ideas and in the end I wanted some baseball cards and a new Seattle cap since the one I wear all the time is getting worn out.
On our way passing through target to get her niece a present she picked me up several packs of cards, a few packs of Gypsy Queen and series 2 Topps.

The first pack of Gypsy Queen yielded 5 cards. I didn't even get a damn mini. There were 2 Twins, a Ranger, and the highlights were:

 Nothing too spectacular, but the Cobb is a welcomed addition.

Pack 2 was much better and made up for pack 1. Here are some of the cards I snagged.

2/2 on pulling a Tiger not too bad. Actually every pack I got yielded a Tiger. There was one more highlight but that will come later.

It was nice to finally open some series 2 packs. Money has been limited this summer so I've held off picking up any cards for the last few months.

A total of 6 Tigers in one day aint too shabby. Some shiny goodness which I was hoping would be an Indian for a trade that's in the works. Dennis, I set the Putz aside for you.

Finally what you all probably came to check out....
Jose "I hit monster home runs" Bautista
I'm glad it wasn't Gio Gonzalez like it seems every one else is pulling. Bautista has got a pretty decent looking signature, not too cramped and pretty loopy. I'll listen to offers on this card and I'm contemplating on having it graded especially if he legitimately breaks Maris's record.