Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shh don't tell the girlfriend

I have a mistress, a cardboard mistress. I'm sure most of you follow mycardboardmistress and if you don't go check it out now! Anyways Adam has opened up some great packs lately, a DiMaggio jersey relic comes to mind. There were one or two cards I would have loved to add to my personal collections and lucky for me Adam obliged. When I got home Friday I had a package waiting which was a pleasant surprise. I still owe Adam some cards for the trade so I wasn't expecting  a package yet, but he was clearing out cards to make room. I anxiously opened it up and imagine my surprise when these colorful cards fell out.

He was nice enough to include some Damons I still needed, Dustin Ackley who I hope will live up to his hype as the Mariners desperately need some hope to cling to, and a #ed McCutchen! This was only the appetizer so to speak.
The UD Piece of History cards look great, especially with the red border. I glad I was able to add this to my binder as well.

Finally we get to the card that began this whole trade, but first a disclaimer. I don't really collect any Yankee cards unless it features Maris or Damon. Although Damon is only a small part of the card I felt like I could make an exception, you know since it's #18 of 25!
Thanks goes out to my favorite mistress. I hope to have some cards ordered soon now that I finally got my refund.

Also I'm swinging by the post office to mail out packages for my other pending trades....sorry for the extremely long delay.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Card Show Review

I went to a card show with my collecting buddy Dennis from toomanygrandersons a long while ago. I believe it was even before school started. Anyways I'm trying to scan the stack of cards I have from trades and purchases; so why not start with my recent card show haul.
Sorry for it being upside down I'm do lazy to edit it. First up are some Topps 206 needs. I've decided I'm gonna go after this set since it should be affordable now. The Lincecum is a short print and the Tulo is a #ed mini.
Next up are some cards that I've gotten from Dennis in our ongoing massive trade. The Damon is a short print. The Smoak auto is pretty cool. I'm glad that I was able to get one before he becomes one of the Mariners next superstars....god please let this be true. The two Cabby's are nice additions as is the McCutchen manu patch.

Finally for the good stuff:
A couple vintage Norm Cash which I got off a seller for a $1.50. The  '63 Maris is one of my favorite cards that I now own. I got him off a dealer for a trade. It's a little off centered and has been trimmed a bit, but I don't care.

All in all the show was a little disappointing compared to the last time we went; less tables and unfriendly dealers from the East Lansing persuasion.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Not trying to get down on the Tigers, but how the hell did they even make it this far? Our offense looks terrible. The offensive leaders are Inge, Kelly, and Santiago ohh and a injured/not injured Delmon Young.

What's that you say bases loaded top of the 9th? V-Mart at bat? Wait I got it he's going to pop out.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On to the next distraction

The Tigers are continuing their half ass attempts at making the next round of the playoffs. I'm not trying to get down on my team or anything, but the offense looks bad, defense looks bad, and pitching has been mediocre. With that said I hope Fister pitches an awesome game Friday and the Tigers survive. If not, I can't say I'd be all that pissed. I'm just glad a Central team put up a fight and didn't get's looking at you Twins. If the baseball season ends early there's always the Lions, which I never thought I'd say this but they look good out there. Also the hockey season begins on Friday!! Is anyone else excited?

Speaking of hockey does anyone have any Zetterberg cards available for trade? I'm looking at expanding my card collection to include hockey.

Monday, October 3, 2011