Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nomo doesn't disappoint

A while back Spiegel over at nomossushiplatter pulled a card or two that I was interested in adding to my player collections. As always Spiegel's package didn't disappoint. He again included some 80s Tigers that are much welcomed in my collection.
Heritage needs:

Tiger sparkly goodness:
Some colorful McCutchens:
A variety of Tigers:
Finally what started the trade:
Thanks again Spiegel! I'll have your cards in the mail this week and I look forward to trading with you again.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Contest Pimpage

There's a great contest where you can win some vintage cardboard....52s to be exact. Go check it out here: thevintagesportscards

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Diamond Giveaway Score Pt.6

I really wanted to add a diamond die cut of a certain player. I've seen a few posts from people that have ordered their cards already and the die cuts look awesome. I was lucky enough to get a Felix Hernandez die cut which I posted about a while back ago. After seeing some ridiculous offers for it, I decided to make a trade with it. I honestly didn't think anyone would take the Hernandez for what I wanted, but this evening I checked and was surprised with this.
I can't wait to get this card in hand. It will look great next to my vintage Maris cards. Now I'm trying to trade some of the other cards in my collection so I can get the King Felix back.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trade with the Cynical Buddha

Allen&Ginter is one of those sets that I don't really collect. Don't get me wrong I love the designs and framed relics, but all of the inserts and short prints just make completing a set next to impossible. It also doesn't help that most of my money went towards Gypsy Queen and  Topps series 1. Anyway I figured I would only go after the players I collect and the Tigers team set. A few weeks back cynicalbuddha busted his box of Allen & Ginter and pulled a framed relic that I really wanted. Also in case you didn't hear he also pulled a Stan Lee auto!

I made a claim on the one relic and we managed to work out a trade since I had a few 2010 inserts to send his way. Here's what awaited me last week in the mail box.
A two color jersey relic, nice! I've been pleased with how well Boesch has been playing this season. It looks like he finally has a sense of the strike zone. Cynicalbuddha was also nice enough to include another card.
Cabby was a nice surprise. If any of you bloggers have any Tigers or any of the players I collect for trade shoot me an email so we can work something out. Also a big shout out to cynicalbuddha and I Hope you enjoy the cards I sent!

Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Back

First things first, Weaver you are a punk ass bitch and I hope you lose the Cy Young race. I apologize about that but in case you guys haven't heard Weaver got ejected yesterday after throwing a pitch at Avila's head.

My girlfriend and I have had family visiting through out the month of July so my posting dropped off. Never fear I acquired some awesome cards during that time that I'll slowly be writing about

A few weeks ago I received a belated birthday present from Joe over at thesandlotcards. He contacted me asking for my address and said he had something to send. It was a very cryptic email. Joe certainly surprised me! Packed up in the bubble mailer was a card I really wanted from when I first joined the blogger community. Unfortunately I didn't have any Mets to trade him for the card so the trade fell through.

A Justin Verlander autoed rookie card, holy shit! I'm sure you all have seen how dominant he's been this year and will hopefully win 20+ games and the Cy Young. That would make the season better as I'm sure the Tigers will probably drop out of the race since that's what we always do.
I wanted to again say thanks to Joe, and I will be returning the favor to you when I order some new cards.