Friday, June 17, 2011

Diamond Giveaway score Pt. 4

About a month ago I posted that I was able to knock one of my collecting goals off my list. I managed to trade for a '61 Norm Cash.
An awesome looking card of an awesome 1st baseman. Since I acquired this card I had been receiving some crazy offers for it, and I'm not talking about the good crazy. Someone tried offering me a handful of nobodies from the 90's. Listen buddy, I don't care that there are 14 cards for my one, they're crap....reject offer. I was getting tired of rejecting trade after trade. This card books at 8 bucks mint, but the price didn't matter to me. Eventually though I began receiving diamond die-cut offers. One offer was Cuddyer and Liriano die-cut. Although it was a tempting offer, trade bait purposes I swear, I rejected it.
Fast forward to last night. I'm sitting at my computer scrolling through offers and I find this one.
Finally, something I'm interested in! Without hesitation I accepted the offer. I figured what the hell? Cabrera is one of the best hitters in the game right now, and also one of my favorite players to watch on the Tigers.
How in the world could I trade vintage for a Topps gimmick? Well I found a perfect conditioned Norm Cash on checkoutmycards. When I get birthday money it too will be added to my collection, and now I can try and flip the Cabrera for a Maris, McCutchen, or a King Felix die-cut.

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