Thursday, June 9, 2011

TTM Success (Help from a friend)

Recently I've been toying with the idea of doing TTMs. William who runs the blog foulbunt gave me ideas and advice on how to do it. While we were chatting he mentioned that Virgil Trucks is an awesome signer, and that they had become friends. He said he was sending another ball out to him so I asked if he could send one for me as well.

Virgil "Fire" Trucks is most known for pitching two no hitters during the '52 season; 5-12-52 and 8-25-52. He began his career with the Detroit Tigers and won the world series in '45 with them.  He even did his time with the Navy during WWII. All in All he reached a number of feats during his 17 year professional career. Of course I'd want to add him to my collection 2x no hitters, 2x all star, and a world series winner with the Tigers!

Fast forward to today and waiting for me in my mail box was an odd round shaped package. As I carefully opened the package up I was surprised at how awesome the ball looked.

All in all the ball looks great. He's still got an awesome signature for being 94 years old. I've now gotta go and get a ball holder so I can put this beauty on my desk. However, this isn't all he sent also inside was an envelope with a letter and card he had written to me.

The letter is a little hard to read but here's my best shot of transcribing it.

Hi Dustin,
Great to sign this ball for you and give you a card. This ball is from Mr. Regenthal, so you can thank him. And I'm not signing anymore unless they send a few bucks for my church. Have a great time learning in college. 
Virgil Trucks.

Thanks again Will for your help! Mr. Trucks(or relatives) if you're reading this I will be sending some money for your church. Also if you guys haven't read foulbunt I'd suggest checking it out. Will has some awesome TTM successes, and I understand that he has quite the collection of Virgil Trucks memorabilia.


  1. Glad to help, man. I'm also going to be sending something to his church as well.

  2. What a GREAT story.

    Can you (or William) help me out? I am a Navy submarine verteran and a huge baseball fan.
    More importantly, my grandfather introduced me to baseball and he is a WW2 Army Air Corps veteran. Long story short, I am enthralled by these amazing Americans who fought for our country in the middle of playing our American past time (Feller, Berra, Spud Chandler, etc.). I actually received a nice personal note from Mrs. Feller (with a signed ball), shortly before her husband left us. I had rambled on and on about my own grandfather, and, I guess I was lucky enough to have her read my letter.

    I also appreciate learning new things about the sport I love - and learning about Virgil has been a treat today. Where can I reach him for a TTM request? Certainly, my request would be accompanied by a check for some funds for Mr. Trucks' church. It's the least I could do for a fellow sailor and a true hero.

    Feel free to reach me at, you guys. Congratulations on your own success and thank you for sharing the story.

    The very best,


    Anyways, I hope you