Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The SMG is one cool guy.

I received a nice surprise in the mail box today. Underneath the credit card offers was a yellow bubble mailer. Weird I thought. See I wasn't expecting any cards. I checked to see who the package was from, and Larry aka the sewingmachineguy was nice enough to send me a few cards out of the blue. I tore the package open barely containing my excitement. Seriously, my girl friend gave me odd looks from her spot on the couch. Here are the two cards that fell into my lap.

Believe it or not this is my first card of his that wasn't an insert or from the Heritage set from 2011. There he is in his sparkly goodness....too talented for the Pirates.

I love this card. I have the base of this, but not the gold so it is a welcomed addition to my personal collection. I'll be returning the favor soon Larry.
(Note these aren't the exact cards he sent. My ipod is dead so no camera.)

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  1. Glad you liked them. Don't worry about a pay-back. Pay-forward my friend. Peace.