Sunday, June 19, 2011

A long lost post

Ted from crinklywrappers and I had a trade that took a few months to complete, which was my fault. I had a few manupatches I was waiting for, but during that time he had pulled them himself. He had one card that I was super excited for and one going towards my Ichiro pc (yes I realize there are quite a few players I have pcs for). Anyways towards the end of May we finally worked out an offer. I sent him most of my diamond sparklies well most of the ones I could find unfortunately my card collection is a mess right now due to an upcoming move and other obligations. I also included a couple short prints I had pulled from the 2011 set.
Sorry for the glare, but look at this beauty. I believe this is now the oldest card in my collection. I originally planned to take this to a recent Kaline signing, but I mixed up the dates and missed it by a week. Although this card would look awesome signed I traded for something which will be revealed in a later post. The card looks great, and I'm glad he reached out to me about trading it!
This was the other card I was looking forward to. Now all I need are the minis and the green border Target insert. Ted was also nice enough to include a handful of Tigers to add to my collection.

Thanks Ted for the awesome trade. I hope you enjoy your cards as much as I do mine!


  1. I have the ichiro mini from 2011 gq if you're interested.

  2. I'm definitely interested lets work out a trade soon. My cards are packed up right now because I'm moving.

  3. I did, thanks for the great trade!