Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some (not so) Recent Additions

About a month ago I went with fellow blogger/Michigan alum Dennis, or you all may know him as caljr3000, to a football autograph signing. It was a pretty neat experience  all in all. Unfortunately it has been pretty slow at work so I lacked the necessary funds to get anything signed. I did however bring a couple cards I thought I'd try and trade. Dennis was nice enough to pick me up a couple cards in exchange for some cards he wanted off of comc.
Up first is a soon to be hall of famer.
Growing up in outside of Seattle, Griffey was always one of my favorites until he left Seattle for Cinncy.  As a kid I had quite the Griffey collection, all graded of course by 3 different authenticators....sarcasm btw. No but really I thought my Griffey collection was pretty awesome, but I realized I didn't have the card above nor do I have my cards from when I was growing up. Oh well this is a great card to start from scratch.

Next up is one of my favorite players whom I wish I could have seen back in the day.
Another base card to mark off the list. My eventual goal is to get every Maris base card while he was an active player.

Finally the card I was most excited for is.....
an autographed Kaline. I actually managed to trade one of the cards that I brought with me to a dealer for this card. Luckily for me Kaline had just gone through and the dealer managed to get a stack of cards signed. It's only a reprint not vintage, but still an awesome card.

Dennis, I've got some cards picked out from the list you sent. I'm hoping to get them ordered soon.

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  1. Don't forget to mention that the two I picked up were only $1 each! Also, that was a great trade to get the signed Kaline, I still think you got the better end of that deal. Thanks for doing my COMC shopping for me, I'm looking forward to seeing what you picked.