Sunday, October 23, 2011

Card Show Review

I went to a card show with my collecting buddy Dennis from toomanygrandersons a long while ago. I believe it was even before school started. Anyways I'm trying to scan the stack of cards I have from trades and purchases; so why not start with my recent card show haul.
Sorry for it being upside down I'm do lazy to edit it. First up are some Topps 206 needs. I've decided I'm gonna go after this set since it should be affordable now. The Lincecum is a short print and the Tulo is a #ed mini.
Next up are some cards that I've gotten from Dennis in our ongoing massive trade. The Damon is a short print. The Smoak auto is pretty cool. I'm glad that I was able to get one before he becomes one of the Mariners next superstars....god please let this be true. The two Cabby's are nice additions as is the McCutchen manu patch.

Finally for the good stuff:
A couple vintage Norm Cash which I got off a seller for a $1.50. The  '63 Maris is one of my favorite cards that I now own. I got him off a dealer for a trade. It's a little off centered and has been trimmed a bit, but I don't care.

All in all the show was a little disappointing compared to the last time we went; less tables and unfriendly dealers from the East Lansing persuasion.

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