Monday, October 3, 2011

Which one has been worse...

at the plate so far this post season? Austin Jackson or Alex Rodriguez?


  1. A-Rod, because at least Jackson's only been playing a couple seasons and isn't expected to be a big run-producer as the game's top-paid player.

    Bonus: my Word Verification was "pherted," as in "When Jim Leyland filled out his lineup today, he picked his nose, pherted, then decided to put light-hitting Ramon Santiago in the two-spot."

  2. Leyland ball! I hope they make a movie about that next.

    Santiago totally needs to be batting second especially since the Yanks have a strong infield haha.

  3. They did make a Leylandball movie. It played a prominent role in "Idiocracy" and was entitled "ASS"

  4. A-Roid. Because, you know, 10-year deal, Cameron Diaz, 32 million per, complete douchebaggery....

    Sorry, I thought you were talking about TOTAL disappointment and not just the series :)