Monday, October 10, 2011


Not trying to get down on the Tigers, but how the hell did they even make it this far? Our offense looks terrible. The offensive leaders are Inge, Kelly, and Santiago ohh and a injured/not injured Delmon Young.

What's that you say bases loaded top of the 9th? V-Mart at bat? Wait I got it he's going to pop out.


  1. I was just complaining about more Leylandball--I think AJax's strikeout count is higher than his OBP. Can we PLEASE get a leadoff hitter that gets on base? It's bad enough Santiago's hitting second and Peralta is wasting away way down there at the bottom.

  2. A lead off that could get on base would be awesome. Actually any hitter that could get on base at this point would be awesome. If I have to see V-Mart pop out one more time I'm gonna freak out.

  3. If the Lions lose tonight, my dog is gonna hate me in the morning...
    As for Austin Jackson, he reminds me of a young Mike Cameron.
    Ryan "stuff" Perry? I knew it was over at that point.