Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shh don't tell the girlfriend

I have a mistress, a cardboard mistress. I'm sure most of you follow mycardboardmistress and if you don't go check it out now! Anyways Adam has opened up some great packs lately, a DiMaggio jersey relic comes to mind. There were one or two cards I would have loved to add to my personal collections and lucky for me Adam obliged. When I got home Friday I had a package waiting which was a pleasant surprise. I still owe Adam some cards for the trade so I wasn't expecting  a package yet, but he was clearing out cards to make room. I anxiously opened it up and imagine my surprise when these colorful cards fell out.

He was nice enough to include some Damons I still needed, Dustin Ackley who I hope will live up to his hype as the Mariners desperately need some hope to cling to, and a #ed McCutchen! This was only the appetizer so to speak.
The UD Piece of History cards look great, especially with the red border. I glad I was able to add this to my binder as well.

Finally we get to the card that began this whole trade, but first a disclaimer. I don't really collect any Yankee cards unless it features Maris or Damon. Although Damon is only a small part of the card I felt like I could make an exception, you know since it's #18 of 25!
Thanks goes out to my favorite mistress. I hope to have some cards ordered soon now that I finally got my refund.

Also I'm swinging by the post office to mail out packages for my other pending trades....sorry for the extremely long delay.

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