Thursday, March 3, 2011

First run in with Topps Diamond Giveaway

So, thanks to my girlfriend I had 8 codes to input for the giveaway. I was a little hesitant this year since the only good cards I got from the Million Card Giveaway Was Ryne Sandberg that I traded for a Zumaya rookie and a '96 Damon that I got after trading several cards for. Luckily this time around I got 2 cards out of the 8 that I'll keep.
They are:

 I like '75 Yankees layout it's a pretty sweet card. The '58 Pearson was a surprise. I was convinced Topps was only giving out junk wax. I can't say that I know much about this guy, but hey it's a '58 and the oldest card in my collection.
Here's the rest of my haul:

I figured I'd use the other six to trade with...

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