Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trade bait

I started a want list that is rather small right now, but I'll be adding more to it over the next week or so. Alright enough advertising the list....(read it and hopefully someone out there will have at least one of those cards).
So the trade bait list isn't that long I have to finish going through some stacks and see what I don't want, but I do have two cards up for trade that some Braves fans may be interested in or even Eric over at Manupatches&Chrome Scratches
(Again checkoutmycards will supply the pics until I find my camera.)

If anyone out there is interested shoot me an email.


  1. I really want that heyward patch card. I don't have anything on your current want list but I do have quite a bit of Ichro stuff, let me know if you wanna work something out.

  2. Hey Derek,
    What kind of Ichiro stuff do you have?

  3. Thanks for looking out for me w/ the manupatch card! Looks like Derek laid claim to it first. Lemme know if Derek doesn't end up with it.