Wednesday, March 23, 2011

overdue 2011 Heritage post

So, I realized tonight that I'm late on the whole 2011 Topps heritage thoughts. I think they're pretty sweet looking. This is my first encounter with any of the Topps Heritage sets and I've gotta say I like the feel of the cards and the colors. If any of you have any that you want to get rid of send them my way. Anyway my girlfriend and I had to swing by Target for something really important.....which was actually an excuse so I could pick up a few packs. I picked up a pack and my girlfriend picked me up two.

My pack was ok:
Twin Terrors Morneau/ Mauer (Sweet a Mauer to add to my collection)
Brennan Boesch (any day I pull a Tiger is a good day)
Heath Bell
Paul Maholm
Carl Yastrzemski Baseball Flash Backs
Justin Upton
Matt Mangini (Mariners RC yay!)
Babe Ruth Greatest Sports Hero
Brandon Snyder

The packs my girlfriend got me were a bit better.
Evan Longoria
Sabathia Tosses a Curve
Dustin Pedroia
Kosuke Fukudome
Roy Oswalt (Shiny #702/1962)
Orlando Hudson
Ivan Rodriguez
Rafael Soriano
Johnny Damon!
Greg Halman
Barry Zito (creepiest card ever...)
Chris Perez
Milwaukee Brewers
Trevor Cahill
Howie Kendrick
Dallas Braden
Derek Lowe
NL HR Leaders

I need to get to Target so I can consume some more. My short term goal is to get all of heritage cards of the Tigers and maybe after that is complete I'll go after the set.

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